Mike Wotton

Mike Wotton
Faculty of Forestry, Rm 4013
University of Toronto
33 Willcocks St.
Toronto, ON, Canada
M5S 3B3


Research Scientist
Canadian Forest Service

Adjunct Professor
Faculty of Forestry

List of publications

Mike Wotton is a Research Scientist with the Canadian Forest Service (CFS) based out of the Great Lakes Forestry Centre in Sault Ste. Marie. Mike has recently joined the Faculty of Forestry at the University of Toronto as an Adjunct Professor and is leading a new joint CFS/University program at the faculty which focuses on forest fire behaviour research. Mike's current research focuses on the development of fuel moisture, fire occurrence and fire behaviour models for use in daily operational fire management activities as well as in the development of climate change impacts scenarios. His Doctoral thesis work involved development of a generalized linear modeling framework for fire occurrence prediction which was used to develop daily models of lightning and people-caused fires for the province of Ontario.

Along with other researchers in the CFS, Mike is involved in the further development and enhancement of the Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System (CFFDRS), which is the system used universally across Canada (and in other countries around the world) by fire managers for daily operational estimation of fuel moisture, fire danger and potential fire behaviour. Recent fire behaviour research has included extensive field work at the International Crown Fire Modelling Experiment in Canada's Northwest Territory and Project Vesta in Western Australia.

Ongoing research activity includes: