About Us

The staff and students associated with the Fire Management Systems Laboratory study the impact of fire in Boreal forest ecosystems and use operational research methods and information technology to develop decision support systems for fire and forest managers.

The University of Toronto has an ongoing partnership with the Canadian Forest Service to develop a program in physical fire science based at the Faculty of Forestry. This program focuses on research related to forest fire behaviour and the development of enhancements to the Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System. read more


Dave Martell recently returned from a deployment as a research scientist with one of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry’s fire incident management teams (the Harland IMT) to the Temagami fire cluster and Parry Sound 33.

Josh Johnson, a research scientist at the Canadian Forest Service’s Great Lakes Forest Research Centre in Sault Ste. Marie, recently joined the Firelab as an Adjunct Professor.  Josh’s research focus is on remote sensing applications in forest fire management.

Nick Fellini joined the Firelab in May, 2018 as a NSERC-USRA summer student. Nick has a background in Mathematics and GIS and is entering his third year in the Mathematics specialist program with GIS minor at the University of Toronto.  Nick's Firelab research project is focused on the development of a mathematical model for firebrand spotting.  

Matthew Ansell, who joined the Firelab in May of 2018, is a Master of Forest Conservation candidate (MFC 2018). He previously earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto (H.B.Sc., 2012, Computer Science), and then spent five years working in the tech and financial industries. Matthew is currently working on the development of a computer-based decision support system that fire managers can use to help determine where best to deploy their airtankers each day.

Chelene Hanes joined the Firelab as a PhD student under the supervision of Mike Wotton and Mike Flannigan in January of 2018.  Her research is currently focused on the extent to which drought conditions at the end of the fire season influences drought conditions at the start of the next fire season.

Alisha Albert-Green who was once a summer student in the Firelab, recently returned to the Firelab as a Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow.  Her current research interests include the development of statistical methods for investigating changes in the length of the fire season.